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The Dominica Bureau of Standards (DBOS) is the National Standards Body established under the Standards Act No. 4 of 1999 to promote and encourage standardization in relation to commodities, processes and practices. DBOS is a statutory body under the aegis of the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business and Export Development of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Its general administration is guided by a fourteen (14) member National Standards Council (NSC) appointed by the Minister for Trade, Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business and Export Development, while the Director is responsible for the day-to-day management. The DBOS staff is divided into the following Units:

  • Standards Development;
  • Certification;
  • Inspection - Standards Compliance;
  • Metrology;
  • Technical Projects;
  • Finance;
  • Administration; and
  • the National Center of Testing Excellence Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratories.

The Institution provides technical support in a range of areas to diverse groups of industries in Dominica. Over the years, its role has expanded to include the provision of services about accreditation, conformity assessment, standards, certification, compliance, metrology and consultancy programs in Food Safety – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Dominica Good Agricultural Practices (DOM-GAP) and more. Its main activities include facilitating the development of standards, specifications and codes for goods, services, practices and processes produced and/or used in Dominica. In addition, the Bureau enforces the requirements of National Mandatory Standards through the Standards Compliance Programme. As part of the National Metrology Program, the Bureau verifies measuring instruments used in trade and provides services to ensure equity. Through its Certification Unit, products, farms, services, systems, processes and practices are certified as well as the provision of technical training to industries, promoting research and education in standardization and related areas.

The Dominica Bureau of Standards offices is located at the National Centre for Testing Excellence (NCTE) Building in the Stock Farm, the Customs Building and Woodbridge Bay, Roseau and Longhouse, Portsmouth. The Bureau works collaboratively with the Customs and Excise Division in the processing of customs entries for imported goods as mandated by National Mandatory Standards. The NCTE is a multipurpose laboratory testing facility with core competencies including microbiology-environment, microbiology-food, analytical chemistry, metrology and physical/material testing. The NCTE, when fully operational, shall be the premier laboratory testing facility in the country, with services in the core competencies established within the above-mentioned laboratory facilities as well as a petroleum and petroleum products laboratory. The services of the NCTE are geared at enhancing the global competitiveness of Dominican goods and services in terms of quality, integrity and compliance with the applicable standards, and to safeguard the populace and environment of Dominica.

  • The Bureau is a member of a number of regional and international standards and trade facilitation related organizations such as the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality – CROSQ, American Society for Testing & Material - ASTM International; Caribbean Metrology System - CARIMET; Inter-American Metrology System – SIM; International Electro-technical Commission Affiliate Country Program- IEC; and International Organization for Standardization – ISO among others. Presently, the Bureau hosts the Regional Technical Secretariat for Fresh Agricultural Produce and Regional Project Team for Biodegradable Products.

  • The Dominica Bureau of Standards (the Bureau) has a highly trained and experienced team of professionals with expertise and experience in a multitude of fields. The team include several technical staff with diverse training in HACCP/ISO 22000: Energy Management Systems - ISO 50001: Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001: Environmental Management Systems - ISO 14001: OHSAS -ISO 18000: Laboratory Quality Management Systems - ISO 17025. Other expertise includes food safety auditing systems, metrology, standards development and implementation, quality assurance, project management and analytical skills.

    The Bureau's team comprises professionals in various fields including chemical/process engineering, mechanical engineering, agriculture, food science, finance, international trade, tourism, agronomy, marketing and business administration/management.

    Over the years, the Bureau has provided direct in-plant technical assistance, consultancies, verification and calibration services, standards development, testing and product development through several in-house laboratories to various sectors including health, telecommunications, security, education, construction, tourism, food and beverage, manufacturing, agro-processing, and petroleum companies.

    • To promote and encourage the maintenance of Standards for goods and services produced and used in Dominica
    • In relation to processes and practices, it ensures Industrial efficiency and development, promotes public and industrial welfare, health and safety, and safeguards the environment
    • The Bureau is charged with the responsibility for promulgating standards and standards-related activities principally for enhancing and facilitating the island’s market competitiveness
  • The Dominica Bureau of Standards (the Bureau) advocates for the consignment of "Quality" goods and services, in accordance with and exceeding the needs of our stakeholders; national, regional and global affiliates through openness, transparency and impartiality.

    The Bureau shall comply with the stipulations of the Standards Act, Metrology Act, Fresh Produce and Quality Control Act and other pertinent legislation, in the provision of our products and services in the capacities of Standards Development, Conformity Assessment, Metrology and Accreditation. As part of Management's overall commitment to this policy, it will uphold and enforce the exigencies for compliance with our Quality Management System, whilst providing a framework for the continual improvement of its effectiveness.

    The Bureau, as the National Standards Body and Metrology authority, is committed to promoting quality, standardization, and metrology for the enhancement of the economy of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the quality of life of its citizen. Our key Programmes are therefore in alignment with the national strategy for economic and social development and climate resilience as well as global sustainable development goals. Our Mandate includes the stimulation and leveraging of regional and international standardization activities that impact our island's developmental goals.

  • National Enquiry Point for the WTO-TBT: where the DBOS handles all enquiries regarding standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures which may affect international trade to the WTO Secretariat, and other members and provide national exporters and importers with information on technical requirements of target markets.

    National Contact Point for Codex-Alimentarius/Food Standards: through which it liaises with the food industry, consumers, traders and other stakeholders to ensure that the Government is provided with an appropriate balance of policy, national positions and technical advice upon which to base decisions relating to issues raised in the context of the Codex work by circulating all Codex draft and final texts (Standards, Codes of Practice, Guidelines and other advisory texts) and working documents to stakeholders to ensure that all necessary action is taken by the date specified.

    National Authority of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC): where DBOS plays a key role in the effective liaison with the Organization for Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and other States Parties in the fulfilment of the obligations enunciated in the Chemical Weapons Convention promptly (reports, declarations, and participation in relevant training, workshops, seminars and meetings). The CWC aims to promote the peaceful use of chemistry and free trade in chemicals not prohibited by the Convention.

  • Our core values determine how we treat our people, clients, and partners. They define who we are and how we carry out our programs and activities. This also helps us to work together most effectively. Our key values are:

    • Quality & Continuous Advancement;
    • Integrity & Ethics;
    • Confidentiality;
    • Impartiality;
    • Transparency;
    • Professionalism;
    • Teamwork & Integration;
    • Employee Empowerment;
    • Partnership/ Stakeholder Commitment.

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To improve the global competitiveness of Dominican goods and services and enhance the overall quality of Life of the Citizenry of the Commonwealth of Dominica through the promotion and maintenance of Standards and Standards-related Activities.


To be a Leading National Standardization Body in the Region.