Fresh Produce Appeals Tribunal

The Fresh Produce Appeals Tribunal was established due to the Implementation of the Fresh Produce Export Quality Control Act No. 2 of 2009 and its Regulation adopted in 2012 to ensure that farmers, exporters, packhouse owners, inspectors and auditors are provided with an adjudication body to deal with matters that affect all parties.

This body will provide a platform for addressing grievances between stakeholders; for example, between Auditors and Auditees as well as Fresh Produce Inspectors and Exporters.

The Appeals Tribunal is constituted in a manner as per requirements of the Fresh Produce Export Quality Control Act of 2009 Section 46.

The Appeals Tribunal is responsible for hearing appeal matters regarding the following:

  • suspension of certified persons
  • rejection of fresh produce
  • prohibition of exports
  • unauthorized/illegal entry by inspectors
  • inspection matters by the time of export
  • the detention and seizure
  • notices for refusal of licences
  • notice of intention for refusal of licences
  • notice of refusal for registration
  • notice of intention to suspend or cancel registrations
  • notice of intention or cancellation of registration; and
  • any other queries that arise from implementation of the Act

The Appeals Tribunal comprises of a Chairperson and two (2) other members who was established and appointed by the Minister.

The members of the tribunal will serve for a period of two (2) years in keeping with the fresh produce export quality control act No.2 and shall be eligible for reappointment

Members of the Tribunal are:

Chairperson – Mr. Rawle Leslie
Mr. Rawle Leslie
Member – Mrs Dianna Henry-Laville
Mrs Dianna Henry-Laville
Member – Mr Keian Stephenson
Mr Keian Stephenson

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