National Certification Unit (NCU)

The National Certification Unit (NCU) is the legal entity responsible for certification activities within the Dominica Bureau of Standards (DBOS). The NCU was established in 2018 for the development and implementation of certification schemes for processes, products, systems and personnel.


To improve quality of products, processes, systems, personnel and services in Dominica through certification activities.


To become the leading provider of accredited certification services in Dominica and the Sub-Region.

Schemes/programmes offered by the NCU:

  • Dominica National Farm Certification Scheme - DOM-GAP
  • Dominica National Pack-house Certification Scheme
  • Good Manufacturing Practices Recognition Certification Scheme
  • Biodegradable Certification Scheme
  • Certificate of Free Sale


Fresh Produce Appeals Tribunal

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The Impartiality Committee of the National Certification Unit (NCU)

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    • Improves management skills
    • Builds efficiency and productivity
    • Improves marketing benefits
    • Reduces frequency and cost of inspection by importing country
    • Increased earnings of producers
    • Facilitates trade competitiveness
    • Increase problem findings and improve solution findings
    • Reduces nonconforming products, services, processes
    • Improves relationship with suppliers
    • Better knowledge of the company by employees
    • Motivates employees
    • Better understanding of customer needs
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Overall improvement in communication
  • Who is responsible for the National Farm Certification Scheme?
    The Dominica Bureau of Standards is the Body responsible for administering the National Farm Certification Scheme called DOM-GAP

    What does DOM-GAP stands for?
    DOM-GAP Stands for Dominica Good Agricultural Practices

    Who developed the Fresh Produce and Export Quality Control Act?
    The Dominica Bureau of Standards developed the Fresh Produce and Export Quality Act

    In what year was the Fresh Produce and Export Quality Control Act enacted?
    It was enacted in in 2009 and its Regulation adopted in 2012

    Can a livestock farmer apply for DOM-GAP?
    DOM-GAP is currently crop based. The scope will be widened in the near future to accommodate livestock including poultry, pigs and small ruminants

    How many levels are there to DOM-GAP?
    There are 3 Categories to DOM-GAP. Levels, III, II and I

    How often should a person get audited?
    A DOM-GAP Certified Farm is audited annually

  • The National Certification Unit of the Dominica Bureau of Standards wishes to announce that the Persons/Companies listed below are Certified under the following programs/schemes:

    The Biodegradable Certification Scheme

    Name of Importer Address Certificate # Expiration Date
    Nathalie Roland (100% Green Inc) London Road, Mero, Dominica 2022062717 26 Jun. 2023
    Patrick Pierre (Pan Services) St Aroment, Goodwill, Dominica 2022060215 01 Jul. 2023
    H.H.V Whitchurch & Co. Ltd Old Street, Roseau 2021031203 11 Mar. 2022
    Crazy Carrot Ltd (Lilian Piper) 66 Independence Street, Roseau, Dominica 2022030207 01 Mar. 2023
    Christopher Moses Roseau, Dominica 2021021802 17 Feb. 2022
    Greens Wholesale Ltd. P.O. Box 1660, Hanover Street, Roseau, Dominica 2022041111 10 Apr. 2023
    Blue Sky Home Centre 5 Cross Street, Roseau, Dominica 2022060716 06 Jun. 2023

    Certificate of Free Sale

    Name of Manufacturer Address Certificate # Expiration Date
    DCP Successors Belfast Estate, Mahaut, Dominica 2020071408
    27 Jun. 2022
    Caribbean Agro Producers Corporation Eden Road, Wesley, Dominica 2021021101 10 Feb. 2022
    Jamal A. Prince Mopo, Wesley, Dominica 2021110220 01 Nov 2022

    Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices

    Name of Manufacturer Address Certificate # Expiration Date
    DCP Successors Belfast Estate, Mahaut, Dominica 2021061813 17 Jun. 2022

    Dominica Good Agricultural Practices (DOM-GAP) Certification

    Name of Farmer Crop Type Farm Location Approval Certificate # Expiration Date
    Ferdinand Jacque Plantain Woodford Hill Level II (Silver) 2021033017 29 Jun. 2022
    Joseph Roberts Banana Warner Level I (Gold) 2022042812 27 Apr. 2023
    Ross George Banana Colihaut Heights Level I (Gold) 2021082718 26 Aug. 2022
    Herry Wilson Banana Savanne Paille Level III (Bronze) 2022013108 30 Jan. 2023
    Joseph Bethelmie Banana Calibishie Level I (Gold) 2021040609 14 Feb. 2023
    Connie Joy Telemacque Banana/Plantain Newland Level II (Silver) 2021040608 04 Jan. 2023
    Bryan Alexander Dasheen Belles Level II (Silver) 2022030110 28 Feb. 2023
    Joseph Canoville Banana Stonehill Belles Level I (Gold) 2022020404 03 Feb. 2023
    Chaucer Baron Banana Laplaine Level II (Silver) 2021040612 28 Jan. 2022
    Lyn Edwards Banana/Plantain Londonderry Level I (Gold) 2022042813 27 Apr. 2023
    Augustus Adrien Bannis Plantain Castlebruce Level II (Silver) 2022010702 06 Jan. 2023
    Marian Canoville Dasheen Belles Level I (Gold) 2022020403 03 Feb. 2023
    Fingaul Thomas Banana Kalinago Territory Level II (Silver) 2022012809 27 Jan. 2023
    Norman Alexander Vegetables Grandbay Level I (Gold) 2022051218 11 May 2023

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To improve the global competitiveness of Dominican goods and services and enhance the overall quality of Life of the Citizenry of the Commonwealth of Dominica through the promotion and maintenance of Standards and Standards-related Activities.


To be a Leading National Standardization Body in the Region.