National Centre of Testing Excellence Unit

The National Center of Testing Excellence (NCTE) is a national laboratory facility attached to the Dominica Bureau of Standards. The laboratory is located in Stockfarm, Dominica. This facility was conceptualized between 2001 and 2003 after a series of national consultations and became fully operational in July 2018.

What We Do

The National Center of Testing Excellence (NCTE) is divided into two main laboratories: the Microbiology Laboratory and the Chemistry Laboratory. The NCTE provides laboratory conformance testing and specialized consumer-based testing. It provides an extensive range of testing services to the various sectors in Dominica for food, plant, soil, air, water samples and other materials. Our suite of testing areas include:

  • Chemical Contaminants (pesticide, metals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and microplastics)
  • Water Quality Monitoring (microbiological and chemical)
  • Food Analysis for Nutrient Content, Microbiological Contaminants, Trace Minerals and Shelf-life
  • Environmental Assessment including indoor air quality testing for microbiological contaminants

We are on the field to monitor and support agricultural production, helping to meet best yield, safe crops and healthy livestock.

Objectives of the Unit

  • To provide a range of technical support services to Dominica and the sub-region on par with International Standards
  • To support the Manufacturing and Service Sectors requiring analytical testing that meets International Standards
  • To provide support in Dominica's efforts in becoming the world's first climate resilient country, thus ensuring quality and safety of the environment and products

Contact Us

Dominica Bureau of Standards
National Centre of Testing Excellence
P.O. Box 1015
+1 767 275 3017
+1 767 275 5921


To improve the global competitiveness of Dominican goods and services and enhance the overall quality of Life of the Citizenry of the Commonwealth of Dominica through the promotion and maintenance of Standards and Standards-related Activities.


To be a Leading National Standardization Body in the Region.