Staff of the Metrology DepartmentThe Metrology Unit of the Dominica Bureau of Standards (the Bureau) was established under stipulations defined in the Standards Act, #4 of 1999. The Metrology Unit focuses mainly on Legal Metrology with some work being done in Industrial Metrology which focuses primarily on verification of measuring instruments. The day-to-day functions of the Metrology Unit is stipulated within the National Metrology Act #5 of 2009.

What is Metrology

Staff of the Metrology Department

Metrology is best described as the scientific study (including all theoretical and practical aspects) of measurement. This measurement is made by comparing an unknown quantity to a known standard by means of a consistent system of units. The system of units is known globally as the International System of Units (SI). For example, the kilogram is the unit for mass and the second is the unit for time. During this study, a quantity with a numerical value is obtained with some aspect of accuracy and precision. There are three (3) areas of Metrology namely Legal, Industrial and Scientific.

What We Do and the Services We Offer

Staff of the Metrology Department doing calibrationThe Bureau of Standards is the designated National Metrology Institute (NMI) for Dominica. This means it acts as the focal point in terms of all activities relating to Metrology.

  • Currently, the Unit conducts verification activities in two main sub-sections namely Mass and Volume Metrology
  • The Metrology Unit conducts verification activities across the various sectors like Retail, Health, Agriculture, Service (Hotel), just to name a few. One of the primary activities of the Metrology Unit include the verifications at various supermarkets across the island. At the supermarkets, the weighing devices directly used in trade transactions (including food-by-weight transactions) are checked and verified using Mass Standards Traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • In addition, at the filling stations, the fuel dispensers are checked and verified using our Volume Standards which are also traceable to NIST ensuring accuracy and certainty. All these verifications are conducted to protect both the consumers and the service providers, as parity in trade is extremely important for growing economies like Dominica
  • The Unit is focused on bolstering customer's confidence in trade transactions by ensuring that weighing and measuring devices are accurate and functioning as they should

Schedule of Fees for Services

Service Offered Pricing
Weighing Instrument verification Up to 25lbs - $25
26lbs to 100lbs - $50
101lbs to 300lbs - $100
301lbs to 500lbs - $150
501lbs to 1000lbs - $300
Above 1000lbs - $450
Fuel Dispenser Nozzle verification $65 per nozzle verified
Rental of weights Per day of rental
Case - $100
20kg and 10kg (1-5 pcs.) - $50
20kg and 10kg (5-10 pcs.) - $100
20kg and 10kg (10+ pcs.) - $200

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To improve the global competitiveness of Dominican goods and services and enhance the overall quality of Life of the Citizenry of the Commonwealth of Dominica through the promotion and maintenance of Standards and Standards-related Activities.


To be a Leading National Standardization Body in the Region.