Inspection Unit

Chart showing responsibilities of the Inspection Unit

Standards Compliance Inspections

Standards Compliance is a sub-unit within the Inspection Unit at the Dominica Bureau of Standards (the Bureau). The Sub-unit is responsible for monitoring all product labels for locally manufactured and imported goods for trade. Currently, goods are monitored under the eight (8) compulsory Dominica National Standards – Specifications for Labelling. These Standards assist in the welfare, health, and safety of consumers and the environment. The Sub-unit is engaged in various inspection and public awareness activities to ensure that the labelling requirements are adhered to.

Importance of the sub-unit:

  • To ensure that substandard goods do not enter our market
  • To ensure customers receive value for money
  • To ensure that products imported and produced locally comply with labelling requirements
  • To ensure that locally manufactured products become competitive in local and regional markets
  • To assist local products in accessing regional and international markets
  • In June of 2018, as part of the implementation of the Fresh Produce Quality Control Act of 2009, farm inspection activities began at the Bureau of Standards. This activity requires Farm Assurers to work closely with farmers towards meeting the requirements for DOM-GAP Certification. Currently, four (4) Farm Assurers are employed in the Inspection Unit. During farm visits, various activities are undertaken by the Farm Assurers such as farm inspections, updating of farmers' record books, and consultations with farmers.

    On April 14th, 2020, the Bureau began fresh produce inspection at the Inland Reception Buying Center.

    • Label Evaluation and Registration
      • Label Evaluation and Approval is a service offered to ensure compliance of product labels of both locally manufactured and imported goods for accuracy and efficiency:
        • Submit the product labels via hard copy or email
        • Review labels for compliance & accuracy and identify non-compliant labels within 3 working days
        • Contact the client via phone or email and discuss non-conformity during evaluation
        • Client to take corrective action and re-submit labels
        • The applicants are provided with a letter of approval once the requirements of the specific requirements are met
    • Barcodes
    • This service involves the generation of barcodes using International Guidelines (GS1) and uses the EAN/UPC symbology, which is the most recognizable family of barcodes in the GS1 System
    • Processing of ASYCUDA World Entries
    • Farm Inspections
    • Fresh Produce Inspections
    • Label Requirements Trainings
    • Training of farmers:
      • First Aid
      • Food Safety
      • Pesticide Control
      • Calibration
  • Service Fee (EC$)
    Label Evaluation and Registration $25.00
    Barcodes $75.00 per barcode
    Fresh Produce Export Quality Control (Inspection part) fees
    Application fee $25.00
    License fee $25.00
    Inspection fee $50.00

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To improve the global competitiveness of Dominican goods and services and enhance the overall quality of Life of the Citizenry of the Commonwealth of Dominica through the promotion and maintenance of Standards and Standards-related Activities.


To be a Leading National Standardization Body in the Region.